Cheap Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon Replica Watches

This perfect barrel-shaped movement Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon Replica Watches to the case -the lovers will appreciate- is fully developed and realized within the manufactory. The tourbillon cage is inspired by the Maltese cross, emblem of the brand. Rocking the only tourbillon bar,fake rolex still a technical challenge, requires more than 12 hours of manual labor to meet the finishing criteria required by Vacheron Constantin.

Platinum is one of Vacheron Constantin's favorite materials. To dedicate this alliance between pure mechanics and precious metal, in 2006 the Genevan Manufacture introduced the Platinum Excellence Collection, published in limited series and designed for collectors of exceptional timepieces. This year the Malte Tourbillon, presented in 2012 in pink gold, joins this exceptional collection in a platinum version.

This timepiece is offered in a Vacheron Constantin Malta Replica case curved platinum 950 38 × 48.24 mm. Not too big, not too small. Ideal size. Coupled with a folding clasp in platinum 950,replica watches uk the dark blue alligator strap sports a saddler finish and, at the height of luxury, a hand sewn with 950 silk and platinum threads!

A watch of exception, caliber of exception. The 2795 caliber, mechanical movement with manual winding, integrating 169 components, comes to equip this model with a power reserve of nearly two days.

Recall that the culling consists in filing with perfect regularity the ends of the arms to give them a conical and semi-cylindrical shape, while respecting the delimitation of the center and heels. To finalize the operation, the craftsmen soften it with stones,replica watches cabrons, wood dowels and finishes to obtain a perfectly polished rendering.